Claudia and Gabriele join our group


Originally from Caserta, Claudia Politi and Gabriele Natale are master students of the University of Pisa and now joined us in Innsbruck for the next full year. Welcome! 🙂

Claudia will work in the RARE experiment on the optical dipole trap setup, which will be used to evaporatively cool the Erbium and Dysprosium atoms from the magneto optical trap. Furthermore, she will also work on the optical transport system for the atoms. This will allow the team to transport cold atomic clouds from the main-chamber to either a second chamber used for investigating Rydberg physics, or to a glass cell where a quantum gas microscope is being planned.

Gabriele starts in the ERBIUM lab to realise a narrow-linewidth laser for the 631nm transition of the Erbium atoms. Once the laser is set up, he will lock it to our ultra-low-expansion cavity in the lab and implement it in the experiment. Finally, the laser can be used for manipulating the atomic Zeeman-substate of our Erbium atoms, which will allow us to investigate spin-related physics with dipolar quantum gases.

Welcome, Claudia and Gabriele, to Innsbruck and to our group! 🙂