JHB’s Short Profile

Jan Hendrik Becher was born on 13th of April 1990 in Limburg, Germany. After school he did a “FSJ” in Tours, France.
In 2010 he started his studies in physics at Heidelberg University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr Selim Jochim. His bachelor’s thesis was about
setting up and calibrating a two-dimensional optical lattice for ultracold fermionic Lithium atoms.
Afterwards he spend the first year of his master’s studies at Durham University, England, where he was working in the group of Prof. Dr. Simon Cornish on trap shaping with spatial light modulators.
For his master’s thesis he joined again the group of Prof. Dr. Selim Jochim in Heidelberg and worked on spin and site-resolved, single-atom imaging of fermionic Lithium atoms in a multiwell potential
and finally graduated in April 2016.

In august 2016 he joined the Erbium experiment as a PhD student. He will stay there for one year and then return back to Heidelberg for the rest of his PhD.

JHB’s CV at Glance

Conferences, Schools & Workshops

2016, September Longrange Interactions in the Utlracold, Ercolano, Italy
2016, February YAO conference, Munich, Germany Talk & Poster