Simon’s Short Profile


Simon Baier was born on 6th February 1988 in Innsbruck, Austria. In 2007 he started his study in physics at the University of Innsbruck, where he finished his Master thesis in the Erbium group of Francesca in 2012. After a few months of working in the research of thin-film solar panels he began his Phd in the same team 2013, continuing the research he started during his Master thesis. He is also involved in teaching classes for the physics program of the University of Innsbruck. In early 2018 he will finish his Phd thesis, with the aim of a Postdoc abroad.

Simon’s present research interests range from ultracold fermionic atoms, over bosonic molecules up to ultracold gases in optical lattices, with a special focus on the dipole-dipole interaction between the particles.

Simon’s CV at Glance

08/2013 – present PhD Student at the Erbium experiment
10/2011 – 10/2012 Master Thesis: ‘An optical dipole trap for Erbium with tunable geometry’ at the Erbium Experiment.
10/2007 – 10/2012 Study of physics at the Leopold Franzens Universität in Innsbruck.

Conferences, Schools & Workshops

2017, November Seminar talk in group of A. Läuchli, Innsbruck Seminar Talk
2017, October Seminar talk in group of R. Hanson, Delft, Netherlands Seminar Talk
2017, June Seminar talk in group of C. Marcus, Copenhagen, Denmark Seminar Talk
2016, December Universality in Few-Body Systems, Santa Barbara, California, US Invited Talk
2016, September Seminar talk in group of B. L. Tolra, Paris Nord, France Seminar Talk
2016, September Workshop on Long Range Interactions in Quantum Systems, Ercolano, Italy Invited Talk
2016, February DPG, Hannover, Germany Talk
2015, September Synthetic Workshop, Zagreb, Croatia Poster
2015, September SYQMA15, Dresden, Germany Poster
2015, March SFB Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria Talk
2015, February Quantum Simulations, Benasque, Spain Invited talk
2014, September Workshop on Long Range Interactions in Quantum Systems, Palaiseau, France Poster
2013, August Greenhorn Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria Talk and Poster
2012, November ESF Cold and Ultracold Molecules, Obergurgl, Austria Poster
2012, March YAO Conference, Krakow, Poland Talk


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* equal contribution

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