PhD/Postdoc Projects

Currently, the Dipolar Quantum Gas Group has the following opening:

  • Experimental PhD position on dipolar quantum gas (ERBIUM/RARE)
  • Experimental Post-doc position on dipolar quantum gas (RARE)

The PhD positions are for up to 4 years, while Post-Doc appointments are for 1+1 years.  Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

Opening Details

Research group

The research group led by Francesca Ferlaino is part of the Center for Ultracold Atoms and Quantum Gases  and it is jointly located at the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) and at the University of Innsbruck (Austria). The group is part of a vibrant research environment with world-leading theoretical and experimental groups in quantum optics, ultracold gases, and quantum information.
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Research subject

We invite applications for PhD and postdoc positions to work on one of the following subjects:

  1. Creation of a Er-Dy mixture for the exploration of strongly dipolar phenomena in ultracold gases
  2. Quantum simulation with magnetic atoms
  3. Multi-electron Rydberg excitation in erbium atoms

How to Apply?

Just send and email to with your CV and motivation letter.