DP’s Short Profile

Daniel Petter was born on 25th of October 1990 in Landeck, close to Innsbruck. After school, he served his civil service in the Austrian Red Cross, before moving on to Innsbruck to study Physics. In his bachelor’s thesis he wrote about the apparatus for creating ultracold quantum gases of erbium atoms, under supervision of Francesca Ferlaino. It was his first time, he got in touch with the field of
ultracold quantum gases. For his master’s thesis he joined Francesca Ferlainos team to work with a digital micromirror device on spatial light modulation.

After graduating in August 2015, he took a few months off, to travel to Asia and relax. In January 2016 he began, completely refreshed, his PhD in the Erbium team.

DP’s CV at Glance

11/2020 – present Post-doc at the Erbium experiment
01/2016 – 11/2020 PhD Student at the Erbium experiment
06/2013 – 06/2015 Master studies at the Leopold Franzens Universität in Innsbruck.

Master Thesis: ‘Spatial modulation of light for ultracold gas experiments with erbium atoms’ at the Erbium Experiment.

10/2010 –  06/2013 Bachelor studies of physics at the Leopold Franzens Universität in Innsbruck.


DP’s Publications

[9]Controlling dipolar exchange interactions in a dense three-dimensional array of large-spin fermions,
A. Patscheider, B. Zhu, L. Chomaz, D. Petter, S. Baier, A.-M. Rey, F. Ferlaino, M. J. Mark,
Phys. Rev. Research, 2, 023050, 2020. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[8]High-energy Bragg scattering measurements of a dipolar supersolid,
D. Petter, A. Patscheider, G. Natale, M. J. Mark, M. A. Baranov, R. v. Bijnen, S. M. Roccuzzo, A. Recati, B. Blakie, D. Baillie, L. Chomaz, F. Ferlaino,
arXiv:2005.02213, 2020. [more] [pdf] [arXiv]
[7]Excitation spectrum of a trapped dipolar supersolid and its experimental evidence,
G. Natale, R. M. W. van Bijnen, A. Patscheider, D. Petter, M. J. Mark, L. Chomaz, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 123, 050402, 2019. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[6]Probing the roton excitation spectrum of a stable dipolar Bose gas,
D. Petter, G. Natale, R. M. W. van Bijnen, A. Patscheider, M. J. Mark, L. Chomaz, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 183401, 2019. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[5]Long-lived and transient supersolid behaviors in dipolar quantum gases,
L. Chomaz, D. Petter, P. Ilzhöfer, G. Natale, A. Trautmann, C. Politi, G. Durastante, R. M. W. van Bijnen, A. Patscheider, M. Sohmen, M. J. Mark, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. X, 9, 021012, 2019. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[4]Realization of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas of Dipolar Atoms,
S. Baier, D. Petter, J. H. Becher, A. Patscheider, G. Natale, L. Chomaz, M. J. Mark, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 121, 093602, 2018. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[3]Observation of roton mode population in a dipolar quantum gas,
L. Chomaz, R. M. W. van Bijnen, D. Petter, G. Faraoni, S. Baier, J. H. Becher, M. J. Mark, F. Waechtler, L. Santos, F. Ferlaino,
Nature Physics, 14, 442-446, 2018. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[2]Quantum-fluctuation-driven crossover from a dilute Bose-Einstein condensate to a macro-droplet in a dipolar quantum fluid,
L. Chomaz, S. Baier, D. Petter, M. J. Mark, F. Wächtler, L. Santos, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. X, 6, 041039, 2016. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]
[1]Extended Bose-Hubbard models with ultracold magnetic atoms,
S. Baier, M. J. Mark, D. Petter, K. Aikawa, L. Chomaz, Z. Cai, M. Baranov, P. Zoller, F. Ferlaino,
Science, 352, 201-205, 2016. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]

Conferences, Schools & Workshops

2019, 18-20 November Towards Dipolar Physics with Molecules, Durham, UK Contr. Talk
2019, 10 July 25ème Congrès Général de la Société Française, Nantes, France Talk
2019, 9 January Winter Colloq. on Physics of Quantum Electronics, Utah, U.S. Invited Talk
2018, 22.-27. July ICAP, Barcelona, Spain Poster
2018, 10 July Minisymposium on Dipolar Quantumgases, Innsbruck, Austria Seminar Talk
2018, 15 May BEC Center, Trento, Italy Seminar Talk
2017, 1. December Miniworkshop (Bilateral Project), Innsbruck, Austria Talk
2017, 12.-13. October 38th SFB meeting, Vienna, Austria Talk
2017, 29.-30. June Forschergruppenttreffen, Stuttgart, Germany Talk
2017, 10.-13. April From few to many, Obergurgl, Austria Poster
2016, 3.-4. November Forschungsgruppe-Taskforce meeting, Maria-Waldrast, Austria Two talks
2016, September Long-range Interactions in the Ultracold, Ercolano, Italy Poster
2016, July 33rd SFB meeting, Innsbruck, Austria Talk
2016, February YAO Conference, Munich, Germany Poster
2015, July 30rd SFB meeting, Innsbruck, Austria  
 2015, March 29th SFB meeting, Innsbruck, Austria  
 2014, October 27th SFB meeting, Innsbruck, Austria  
 2014, July International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi”: Course on: Quantum Matter at Ultralow Temperatures, Varenny, Italy