Update and events

Talk by Sandro Stringari

Date: 09/07/2019

Time: 10:00-11:00

Location: Hörsaal C

Talk by Sandro Stringari “Spin Drag and fast response to phase imprinting “.

Sandro Stringari

Start date: 08/07/2019

End date: 09/07/2019

Sandro Stringari, professor at the University of Trento, is visiting the ultracold group from 08.07 to 09.07.

Alban Urvoy

Start date: 26/06/2019

End date: 28/06/2019

Alban Urvoy, postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is visiting the ultracold group from 26.06 to 28.06.

Talk by Alban Urvoy

Date: 26/06/2019

Time: 17.00 - 18.00

Location: Seminar room 3/36 (third floor of the VFH Haus)

Talk by Alban Urvoy “Direct laser cooling to Bose-Einstein condensation”.

Talk by Pietro Vahramian

Date: 06/06/2019

Time: 09:00

Location: Erwin-Schrödinger-Saal (IQOQI)

Talk by Pietro Vahramian: “Rotational Feedback Cooling of Dielectric Nanorods”.

Pietro Vahramian

Start date: 05/06/2019

End date: 06/06/2019

Pietro Vahramian, University of Vienna is visiting the ultracold group from 05.06 to 06.06.