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2021 opening for PhD positions in Dipolar Quantum Gas Group (Innsbruck)

It is now an exciting time to work in the field of dipolar quantum gases, thrived by the recent discovery of novel phases of matter and unexpected quantum phenomena. Our group is currently searching for talented and motivated young physicists to join our team. It is in this spirit and in the hope of getting the best of you that we are announcing the 2021/22 opening for PhD positions in our group:

(A)       Experimental PhD position on “Strongly-correlated Dipolar Quantum Gases of Erbium” (UIBK)

(B)       Experimental PhD position on “New Frontiers of Rydberg Tweezers with Multi-electron atoms” (IQOQI/UIBK)

(C)       [starting 2022] Experimental PhD position on “Er-Dy Quantum Mixtures” (IQOQI)


Eligible candidates are physics students that have recently completed a master degree in Physics. The student should have knowledge on quantum physics and basic experimental physics. Background in experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics is not strictly required but certainly preferred. Most important qualities that we are searching for are motivation, curiosity, and passion for the physics and its techniques. We are flexible with the starting date but it should be before the end of 2021.



2021 Opening for one Postdoctoral Research Assistant

 Our dipolar quantum gases group is currently searching for a talented and motivated post-doctoral research associate to join our ERBIUM team.

The candidate will experimental investigate:

  • the newly discover ultra-narrow inner-shell optical transition in Erbium and its applications for quantum state manipulation and quantum optics
  • dipolar Fermi gases and fermionic mixtures and their many-body quantum phases, which have been so far very little explored.

Working on these projects will provide a unique opportunity to perform exciting experiments at the frontier of quantum physics in an exceptional international environment, as well as to collaborate with a large network of researchers worldwide, and to develop valuable high-tech skills in electronics, photonics, programming, and data analysis, among others. Join us if you want to contribute in pushing the frontiers of our understanding of quantum physics and take decisive steps!



The Dipolar Quantum Gas group is led by Francesca Ferlaino and co-led by Manfred Mark. It is jointly located at the University of Innsbruck and at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) of the Austrian Academy of Science.


The PhD and Postdoc applications will be considered upon reception and until filling of the available positions. To apply, simply send an email to francesca-ferlaino-group[AT] as soon as possible including your motivation as well as your CV, transcript of exams, and names of reference persons (minimum one). Women are particularly encouraged to apply.