LK’s Short Profile

Lauritz Klaus was born on 20th January 1994 in Hannover. In 2012 he moved to Munich to study physics at the LMU. After studying for one year in Leeds, UK, and coming back to Munich to write his Bachelor’s thesis about ligation of short DNA oligomers he finished his degree in 2016. For his Master’s degree he then moved to Heidelberg, where his focus shifted from biophysics towards ultracold atomic physics. He joined the group of Matthias Weidemüller to work on the Li-Cs mixture experiment, where he built an optical tweezer to trap Lithium. He finished in September 2019 and after taking a few months off to relax he moved to Innsbruck in February 2020 to begin his PhD in the RARE experiment.

LK’s CV at Glance

February 2020 – present PhD Student at the RARE experiment
2016 – 2019 Master studies in Physics, Heidelberg University
2012 – 2016 Bachelor studies of Physics, LMU München

LK’s Publications

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