JM’s Short Profile

Julián was born on 11th April 1994 in Fiorenzuola d’Arda, Italy. After finishing school in Madrid, in 2013 he moved to Milano to start his studies in Physics. During the Master’s degree, he participated in an Erasmus experience at the LMU in Munich where he got in touch with the field of ultracold quantum gases. For the Master thesis, he then joined Giovanni Modugno’s team in Pisa, where he observed for the first time the non-classical rotational inertia nature of the recently discovered supersolid phase of matter in a degenerate gas of dysprosium. After graduating in April 2020, he took a few months off, and in September 2020 he joined the T-REQS team. In his free time, he loves running and climb mountains.

JM’s CV at Glance

Since September 2020 Working as a PhD student in the T-Reqs experiment
2019-2020 External thesis in the group of Giovanni Modugno at the CNR facilities in Pisa
2017-2020 Master studies, Università degli studi di Milano
2013-2017 Bachelor studies, Università degli studi di Milano


JM’s Publications

[1]Spectroscopy of Rydberg States in Erbium using Electromagnetically Induced Transparency,
A. Trautmann, M. J. Mark, P. Ilzhöfer, H. Edri, A. E. Arrach, J. G. Maloberti, C. H. Greene, F. Robicheaux, F. Ferlaino,
Phys. Rev. Research, 3, 033165, 2021. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]

Conferences, workshops, & schools