EP’s Short Profile


Elena was born on 25th September 1996 in Venice, Italy. She started her studies in Physics in 2015 at University of Padua where, in 2018, she received her Bachelor’s degree with a thesis on the Landauer´s principle and the thermodynamics of information. She continued her studies in Padua, where she got in touch with ultracold dipolar gases and the supersolid phase of matter during a summer internship supervised by professor Francesco Ancilotto. For the Master thesis, she collaborated again with professor Francesco Ancilotto working on quantum droplets and bright solitons in mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates. After graduation in September 2020, she started her PhD in the theory group of Francesca Ferlaino in November 2020. 


EP’s CV at Glance

November 2020 – present
PhD student at the Theory team
October 2018 – September 2020
Master studies in Physics (curriculum Physics of matter), University of Padova
October 2015 – September 2018
Bachelor studies in Physics, University of Padua

EP’s Er-Dy Publications

[2]Can angular oscillations probe superfluidity in dipolar supersolids?,
M. A. Norcia, E. Poli, C. Politi, L. Klaus, T. Bland, M. J. Mark, L. Santos, R. N. Bisset, F. Ferlaino,
2021. [more] [pdf] [arXiv]
[1]Two-dimensional supersolidity in a dipolar quantum gas,
M. A. Norcia, C. Politi, L. Klaus, E. Poli, M. Sohmen, M. J. Mark, R. Bisset, L. Santos, F. Ferlaino,
Nature, 596, 357-361, 2021. [more] [pdf] [doi] [arXiv]

EP’s Theory Publications

[2]Maintaining supersolidity in one and two dimensions,
E. Poli, T. Bland, C. Politi, L. Klaus, M. A. Norcia, F. Ferlaino, R. N. Bisset, L. Santos,
arXiv:2108.02682, 2021. [more] [pdf] [arXiv]
[1]Two-dimensional supersolidity in a circular trap,
T. Bland, E. Poli, C. Politi, L. Klaus, M. A. Norcia, F. Ferlaino, L. Santos, R. N. Bisset,
arXiv:2107.06680, 2021. [more] [pdf] [arXiv]

EP’s Other Publications

[1]Dilute quantum liquid in a K-Rb Bose mixture,
V. Cikojevic, E. Poli, F. Ancilotto, L. Vranješ-Markic, J. Boronat,
Physical Review A, 104, 033319, 2021. [more]

Conferences, Schools & Workshops