Lauritz Klaus joins the Er-Dy Lab

After completing the Master’s degree in Heidelberg under the supervision of Prof. Weidemüller in the Li-Cs mixture experiment, Lauritz joined our team in February as a PhD student in the Er-Dy dipolar quantum mixture Lab. Welcome to Innsbruck, Lauritz!

Simon Baier receives IQOQI Dissertation Prize

Simon Baier is honored for his dissertation “Ultracold Dipolar Erbium Atoms: From Scattering Phenomena to Quantum Simulations”, which gives an overview of his research on dipolar quantum phenomena. It documents Simon Baier’s research on the long-range magnetic interaction of ultracold particles, which he studied in the group of Francesca Ferlaino.

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Matthew Norcia joins the Er-Dy LAB

With the beginning of the new year, Matt joins our team as Post-Doc in the Er-Dy LAB. After completing the Ph.D. at JILA (Colorado, US) under the supervision of James Thompson, he continued as a Post-Doc together with Adam Kaufman always at JILA. Welcome to Innsbruck, Matt!