Our group has exciting projects for Master Students at the ERBIUM, Er-Dy and T-REQS Lab!

The master project includes lab work and the Master Thesis itself (32.5 ECTS-credits). The full Master Curriculum in Physics can be found here.

The Master project can start at any time of the year and we have flexibility in how to schedule the work plan, so please contact us if you have doubts.

Current Master thesis subjects are listed below!! More Master project topics are available on request. For additional Master thesis opportunities see also ultracold.at.

For students from other universities

We offer an Excellence Fellowship program for external visiting master students to encourage their mobility. This can be combined with a master thesis, depending on the local supervisor.

Available Master’s Projects

  1. Quantized vortices in two-dimensional dipolar mixture (theory)
  2. Tunable 2D lattice for quantum gas microscopy at 532 nm
  3. Build-up and implementation of a narrow-line laser cooling system at 631 nm
  4. Electric field control for the detection of Rydberg atoms
  5. Build-up and testing of a new setup for ultracold atomic experiments

Please see the embedded presentation below for more information on these projects, or download the presentation as a PDF.

If you are interested in any of these projects, please contact Francesca Ferlaino (francesca.ferlaino@uibk.ac.at) and Manfred Mark (manfred.mark@uibk.ac.at).