Aurora Excellence Fellowship program for visiting PhD students





Join the Aurora Excellence Fellowship program for visiting PhD students!


The Aurora excellence fellowship program for visiting PhD students is an internship to enhance scientific collaboration and exchange in the fast-developing field of quantum science and technology between two of the nine universities who build up the Aurora European Universities Alliance.  

Therefore, we are looking for enthusiastic and talented students who want to join an international team of researchers and deeply delve into quantum physics and have the fantastic opportunity to gain invaluable skills in electronics, photonics, programming, data analysis, and many more.

A list of possible hosting groups is provided in the PDF.   


The successful candidate will be hosted and supervised in one of the theoretical or experimental research groups at the Universität Innsbruck (Inst. of Theoretical Physics, Inst. of Experimental Physics) or the University of Naples, Federico II (Dept. of Physics “Ettore Pancini”, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies).  

In case of acceptance, a stay of a 3 week up to 2-month timeframe between June 15th and September 30th 2023 in one of the research groups will be granted, of which the travel expenses and accommodation will be fully covered following the host institutions internal rules (further information will be available upon acceptance).


Highly motivated and curious students with a passion for quantum science and technology who are currently enrolled in a PhD program in physics or engineering at either Universität Innsbruck or University of Naples Federico II, are welcome to apply.


Application deadline is Wednesday May 31st 2023. Interested students submit their application in the application form below and additionally send a 1. letter of motivation, 2. CV and 3. transcript of exams to

The applicant will be informed about the decision within two weeks after the deadline. Awarded candidates need to confirm by email within one week after receival of the acceptance email whether they accept the fellowship or not. When appropriate, the selection committee can ask for additional reference letters. 

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply and good luck!


For students enrolled at the University Federico II: the call for applications, which awards 20 short study mobility grants (for the performance of teaching and training activities) and 5 student mobility for traineeships (for the performance of study activities and/or the development and writing of theses), is available at the following link