Robustness of gauge-invariant dynamics against defects in ultra cold atom gauge theories

Now in Physical Review Research!

Bing Yang collaborate with Jad C. Halimeh, Robert Ott, Ian P. McCulloch and Philipp Hauke in theoretically studying the robustness of an ultracold-atom quantum simulator against defects. This work is now published on Physical Review Research and is highlighted as the “editor’s suggestion”.

Recently, there has been a massive experimental effort in realizing gauge theories using quantum devices. Here, we use the time-dependent density matrix renormalization group (t-DMRG) to meticulously analyze the site-resolved gauge-violation dynamics in the ultracold-atom simulator realized in the recent experiment of B. Yang, et al. [arXiv:2005.10249], which maps the U(1) lattice gauge theory onto a titled bosonic superlattice with a staggered potential. We show that this setup exhibits remarkable robustness against various defects in the matter and gauge fields, and discuss how this is inherently due to the realization of very reliable gauge invariance in the mapping onto the bosonic superlattice.