Topics for 2022 – Dipolar quantum gases

We offer several topics for the Bachelor thesis (+practical part) in the summer semester 2022. These are:

  1. Elementary excitations: testing 1940’s theory via photon Bragg scattering on gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates (contact Francesca Ferlaino)
  2. Is it really superfluid? The challenge of testing superfluidity in ultracold quantum gases (contact Francesca Ferlaino)
  3. Quantum simulation with neutral atoms in optical tweezers (contact Manfred Mark and Hagai Edri)
  4. Ultralong-range Rydberg Molecules – From Trilobites to Butterflies (contact Manfred Mark)

Please refer to the embedded presentation below for more details about these projects, or download the presentation as a PDF.

If you are interested in one of these topics, please contact the person/people listed next to the relevant project above.

More information on the details of this course is available on LFU:online.