Lifecycle of a Supersolid Featured in APS Physics Viewpoint and Physics World

Congratulation to Max, Claudia, Lauritz, Lauriane, Manfred and Matt for their experimental work

on the lifecycle of a supersolid, which has been just published in Phys. Rev. Lett..

The paper got selected as Editors’ Suggestion by APS and featured in Physics Viewpoint and in Physics World.

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Research News: Physics Viewpoint article by Chinmayee Mishra, entitled  “Cooling a Thermal Cloud to a Supersolid”.

Research News: Physics World article by Oliver Stockdale, entitled “High-resolution imaging sheds light on supersolid formation


Birth, Life, and Death of a Dipolar Supersolid

Maximilian Sohmen, Claudia Politi, Lauritz Klaus, Lauriane Chomaz, Manfred J. Mark, Matthew A. Norcia, and Francesca Ferlaino

Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 233401 (2021)

Published June 7, 2021