Thursday Evening

The Archeological Site of Ercolano will open over the night and we will have the unique opportunity to visit the site in the evening with specialized guides and a suggestive illumination. The tour takes a bit more than 1 hour and the archeological site is at 5-min walking distance from the hotel.

We will be divided in three groups of 25 persons. The three groups will start the visit with about 30-min shift one from the other.

Meeting point: Hotel patio
Group 1: 20.10
Group 2: 20.40
Group 3: 21.10

From the hotel we will walk to the archeological site. The group division will be given during the conference.

Friday Afternoon

The conference ends at 15.15. Since many of you will stay until Saturday, we have tried to organize a “extra conference” activity for the afternoon and evening, which includes a guided visit of the Vesuvio and a dinner in a sailing club, located at the Ercolano arbor. Unfortunately, we are not able to support these extra activities via the conference budget.

Here is the program:
15.35 Meeting point at the hotel inner patio
15.45 Shuttle transfer to the Vesuve (be in time!! We will really leave at 15.45!)
16.15-18.00 Hike to the Vesuve crater
18.30 Back to the hotel
20.00 Transfer from the hotel to the Restaurant and dinner (with our 9-seats car)

The precise cost of the full activity will be between 37 to 47 Euro per person. We will collect the money  at the conference registration desk the arrival day.

Important information:

** Don’t forget to bring with you hiking shows or at least good sport shoes
** A jacket or similar (up to the Vesuve it might be pretty windy)
** A bottle of water
** Sun protection if needed

More to do  (If you are planning to arrive a day earlier or stay a day longer or for accompanying persons)

While organizing the conference I visited Ercolano several time and I have been showed amazing hidden place of geological or historical interest, which makes this place really unique.

*** The Vesuve park has a lot to offer beside the standard tour.

** Museum MAV: It is a virtual archeological museum. Very interesting if you are interested in the history of Pompei and Ercolano

*** I just discover this incredible place: the Favorita Palace and the Favorita Beach, which maintains its original setting from 1887!

Here some pictures of the Favorita beach, which I took

IMG_0721 IMG_0719 2 IMG_0719 IMG_0718 IMG_0717 IMG_0716 

Archeological Site of Ercolano is an ancient Roman town, which has been founded during the 8th century BC and then destroyed and buried by lava and mud during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79. Ercolano site, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, was the 14th most visited monument in Italy in 2014.

Close to Ercolano, the ancient volcano of Mt. Vesuvius is located and its National Park was included in 1997  in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves under the UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Reserve Programme.

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Archeological Site of Ercolano
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