Feltrinelli Prize Awarded to Francesca Ferlaino

FeltrinelliPrize2017_RomeThis week quantum physicist Francesca Ferlaino will receive the Antonio Feltrinelli Giovani Prize in physics. This is the first time the prize, valued at 50,000 Euro, will be awarded to young scientists. It recognizes the achievements of Italian scholars under the age of 40 who have achieved results of outstanding originality and international significance.

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Claudia and Gabriele are Master of Science!


Claudia and Gabriele succesfully defended their master theses in Pisa and recieved their master’s degrees from the University of Pisa. Congratulations to both of you and enjoy your vacation, before you two will start again in our group in January!

Prof. Blair Blakie visits our group

From June until August Blair Blakie, Professor at the University of Otago NZ, is visiting our group here in Innsbruck to work with us on various topics of dipolar quantum gases. Regarding his wide-spread knowledge from optical lattices, rotons, droplets, spinor condensates, mixtures,… we are looking forward to a productive time with him!

Welcome to Innsbruck, Blair!

Max joins Rare lab as a PhD-Student


This week, Maximilian Sohmen started as a PhD student in the Rare lab. He recieved his masters degree from the university of Heidelberg under supervision of Matthias Weidemüller. For his master thesis, he moved for a full year to Cambrige to join the Group of Zoran Hadzibabic to work on ‘Optical Gray-Molasses Cooling of Potassium-39’.

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Alex is now master of science!

On thursday, Alex held his defense for his master thesis and is now officially a Master of Science! Congratulations!
We are happy, that Alex will stay with our team and continue his work in the RARE lab as a PhD student. 🙂

Arno Trautmann joins RARE lab

After finishing his Ph.D. in the group of Markus Oberthaler in Heidelberg  and a few months of traveling to Asia, Arno has joined our RARE lab to work on the double magneto-optical trap for Dysprosium and Erbium.  Welcome to Innsbruck!  🙂