Welcome to Russell Bisset

Beginning in July, Russell joined the University of Innsbruck as an Assistant Professor. He is building a theory group within the Department of Experimental Physics, with a focus on ultracold quantum gases, most notably bringing his expertise on dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates. He is looking forward to working in Innsbruck and taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings.

Jan is now Doctor of Philosophy

Jan held his defense for his PhD thesis and is now officially a Doctor of Philosophy.
He will continue to carry out his research as a post-doctoral fellow in the group of Selim Jochim in Heidelberg.
Congratulations and good luck!

Controlling dipolar exchange interactions in a dense three-dimensional array of large-spin fermions

Now in Physical Review Research!

In joint theoretical and experimental work with our theory colleagues A.-M. Rey (JILA) and B. Zhu (ITAMP) we investigate dipolar induced magnetization-conserving spin exchange dynamics with fermionic Er in a 3D optical lattice. Our work is now published in Physical Review Research.

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