Goodbye to Manfred

We bade farewell to Manfred Forstinger from the administrative staff on the 28th of February, 2024. We wish you the very best in the new chapter of your life, Manfred!


Goodbye to Nefeli

Farewell to Nefeli Ioli Sonnberger who joined the Er-Dy team for her master thesis in March 2021! Nefeli defended her master thesis on the 7th of February 2024 and is now officially a Master of Science – congratulations!

Goodbye to Johanna

In January 2024, Johanna Hennebichler defended her master thesis and is now officially a Master of Science! Johanna Hennebichler joined the T-Reqs team  in March of 2022, and is now a PhD student in the group of Rudi Grimm at IQOQI.  Congratulations and all the best for your PhD!

Tag der MIP 2024


Tag der MIP, the Day of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics took place on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, demonstrating the science done at UIBK to ~400 high-school students. The FF Group took part by showcasing some ferrofluid and acoustic levitation experiments!


See the UIBK site for more information: Tag der MIP


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RadioKulturhaus: Was die Welt zusammenhält featuring FF

Francesca Ferlaino will be featured in RadioKulturhaus’ “Was die Welt zusammenhält” program on March 6th 2024!  Was die Welt zusammenhält (What holds the world together) invites leading scientists to meet personalities from culture, business and the media and exchange ideas about the future. Hosted by Günter Kaindlstorfer, this event’s guests are Francesca Ferlaino and Thomas Arnoldner, Deputy CEO of the A1 Group.

WED | 06 03 2024 | 7:30 p.m.
Admission: FREE
Registration via the ORF RadioKulturhaus ticket office

More info can be found on the RadioKulturhaus Website:

Was die Welt zusammenhält mit Francesca Ferlaino und Thomas Arnoldner

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