Welcome to Tom

Welcome to Tom, who has joined the Theory team as PostDoc. Tom joined us from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics of the Newcastle University. In his PhD, he studied the dynamics and stability of nonlinear waves in quantum fluids exhibiting long-range interactions.

Welcome to Elena

Welcome to Elena, who has joined the Theory team as PhD Student. Elena joined us from the university of Padova (IT) where she worked with professor Francesca Ancilotto for her master thesis.

Welcome to Russell Bisset

Beginning in July, Russell joined the University of Innsbruck as an Assistant Professor. He is building a theory group within the Department of Experimental Physics, with a focus on ultracold quantum gases, most notably bringing his expertise on dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates. He is looking forward to working in Innsbruck and taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings.

Lauritz Klaus joins the Er-Dy Lab

After completing the Master’s degree in Heidelberg under the supervision of Prof. Weidemüller in the Li-Cs mixture experiment, Lauritz joined our team in February as a PhD student in the Er-Dy dipolar quantum mixture Lab. Welcome to Innsbruck, Lauritz!