Welcome to Luca Barbiero


Welcome to Dr. Luca Barbiero, who is visiting us as LFUI Guest Professor. Luca is Asssistent Professor at Politecnico di Torino and will visit us for two months during October and November 2023.

We will work together on new ideas on how to use our experimental dipolar platforms for the quantum simulation of Bose- and Fermi-Hubbard models with strong dipolar interactions. He will also give a special lecture “Exploring quantum matter with ultracold dipolar systems” to interested Master- and PhD-students.

Louis is a new PhD student at DK ALM

Louis Lafforgue joined the group of Prof. Dr. Francesca Ferlaino at the end of 2022 for his PhD studies and on August, 1st 2023 he joined the FWF Doctoral Programme Atoms, Light, and Molecules (DK-ALM). Louis is currently working on the erbium experiment on optical lattices and in-situ imaging. He received his MSc from the University of Innsbruck on a study of a dipolar gas confined in a one-dimensional lattice and construction of a new imaging setup for the ERBIUM experiment.